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Of Cabbages And Kings | Aura

Of Cabbages and Kings not only conjures the magic of the human voice but manages to multiply that magic by four. And this is absolutely astonishing, considering that vocal ensembles so often lack the visceral impact of the solo voice. Many of these ensembles pay the highest possible price in exchange for greater volume and the ability to blend in harmony.
Not so Of Cabbages and Kings.
Each vocalist of the quartet is a solo artist with an individual profile, whose strongly expressive and richly textured voice is captivating when heard on its own. Each allowing space for the others, they achieve a balance between solo and ensemble singing in ever new and convincing variations. From the pal- ettes of their individual voices they blend a vast array of new colours, and when singing in harmony, the sound they produce is full of emotional strength.
This is truly rare: each of the four musicians is also a composer and contributes not only her own signature to the music, but also a deep understanding of the abilities of her own voice
and those of the others. The results are strikingly diverse, from spoken word to subtle jazz harmonies, from the rhythmic and melodic pull of pop-inspired figures to abstract contemporary dissonances, from delicately soft pianissimo to powerful forte. This diversity never appears random, but continuously exem- plifies creative strength and impeccable taste.
Text by Jürgen Schwab, Translation by Ula Martyn-Ellis

»Voices like mirages, that affect without the use of any effects.«(Jury of the Burghauser Jazzpreis)

»Of Cabbages And Kings unites four musicians, whose individual personalities and musical goals meet in a fascinating common denominator.«
(Anja Buchmann, Deutschlandfunk)

»Every note is spot on, whether in polyphony or in harmony.«(Kölner Stadt Anzeiger)

»The all-female a cappella quartet Of Cabbages And Kings is unrivalled in its artistry (at the very least on a par with legendary influences such as Vocal Summit, if not even surpassing them)…«(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Official release date of „Aura“:
December 7, 2018